At Zircon our values stretch further than providing cleaning services to our Clients. We only use ECO friendly products within all of our services.


Why you may ask…..

Well, most general cleaning products contain harmful toxins that don’t need to be listed within the contents label. Products such as bleach contain toxins that emit fumes. These fumes, whether within your workplace, home or any other enclosed space can affect the human respiratory system. Research has shown that bleach also contributes towards asthma and other allergies.


And if you think it stops there you’d be wrong…..

Other cleaning products such as multipurpose cleaners also contain the harmful toxin AMMONIA. Ammonia when comes into contact with bleach can react to form chlorine gas, this causes cellular damage in the nasal passageways and lungs.


Cleaning with these products can harm your pets too……

Pets are part of the family, we look after them through quality food and regular exercise but the products used to clean the floors, walls and general home could be harmful. Although many pets may not intentionally inhale or ingest these harmful substances, they are within their environment causing unseen harm.


Have we got you thinking a little now???

Within all aspects of our lives whether it’s within our workplace, school, home and many other locations including social & leisure, Health and Safety has become a fundamental part of our lives.

Research into the toxins and their negative effects on our health is encouraging the use of ECO friendly products. Zircon believe the products we use supports and promotes a healthier environment.

So, we urge you to think about the environment you're providing for; your family, friends, patients, pets, staff, students and go ECO.